There are many intriguing aspects of the 5,000-year old Indian Culture. Be it in the field of Arts, Music, Dances, Cuisine and HandiCrafts, India has presented the most colourful and divergent forms of Artistries’ since its genesis, hence it is rightfully called a Mini-Continent.

PANKH – The Art, Crafts & Cultural Village is one of the rare umbrellas to showcase and present the different Art, Crafts and Cultural forms present in India.


  • Promote the Ancient Art forms and Culture of India among Foreign Nationals & NRI’s.
  • Provide a platform to Rural and underprivileged Artisans to showcase their talents.
  • Provide Free Vocational Education to underprivileged children in the field of Art, Crafts & Culture.
  • Facilitate and promote International Cultural Exchange Programs.
  • Conduct Courses and Workshops on Indian Music, Dance, Cuisine, Painting & Sculpture.
  • Promote Study and Research on Indian Art and Culture
  • Celebrate Festivals and Organize Cultural Events.
  • Promote Cultural Tourism.
  • Provide a Retreat and Volunteering Opportunities to Artists, Musicians, Craftsmen, Designers and Cultural Experts.
  • Sell and promote Indian HandiCrafts prepared by Rural Artisans from different States of India.