Residential Program/Courses in:

Music- Classical & Bhajans
Dance - Kathak & Folk
Art - Oil & Water Colour (On Ethnic Themes)
Cuisine- Authentic North & South Indian

3 Days/6 Days Residential Programs or Retreats
Rs. 2500/= per day per student (inclusive of Accommodation and Meals) Rs. 2000/= per person per day (Group Fee – Minimum 5 persons)
II. SHORT TERM CERTIFICATE & DIPLOMA PROGRAMS 25 Days/75 Days Certificate Program Rs. 50,000/= or 700 Euros for One Month One Month Rs.1,00000/= or 1500 Euros for Two and a half months

The Fee includes:

  • Accommodation in beautiful Natural Ambience
  • Delicious Indian Food
  • Foundation Course in Indian Culture
  • Certificate Course in Indian Art/ Cuisine/ Music/Dance
  • Course Module
  • Opportunity to Interact & Work with local Artisans and learn the local Arts
  • Opportunity to Volunteer at PANKH – The Creative School for slum Children


For the first time, PANKH is introducing a Comprehensive Course in Indian Culture for Foreign Nationals comprising of Indian Language & Literature, Religion & Philosophy, Architecture & Sculpture, Arts & Handicrafts, Jewellery & Textiles, Music & Dance,Theater & Puppetry, and Cuisines.


  • Indian Religion